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Everyone has New Year’s resolutions on their mind. We’re going to help you stick to your financial goals with these tops financial apps.

We’ve had many clients asking about commercial real estate investing. Should they? How could they? And where would they even start?   Most recently, we had a client ask, “Can you send me some info about using IRA funds to invest in Commercial Real Estate?” Well, here’s our answer!  As always, we are NOT in the business.. More

Too much eggnog could give you a hangover just as spending too much during the holidays could find you with a financial hangover come December 26th. We’re going to help you avoid financial hangovers during the holidays, with a couple key antidotes. There are no catchy phrases to help you remember which order to do your.. More

November Stock Market Action with #MyFinancialFriend

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Before getting to the travel-filled eating frenzy that we Americans call the Holiday Season, let’s talk about this past week’s stock market action.   If you paid little attention the last few days, you missed little.   Last week started in similar price ranges for US indexes as they ended.  If you hold a globally.. More

ESG. What Is It and How Do I Start Investing in It? You may have heard about ESGs before. Maybe you’re wondering what is ESG investing and if you’re missing out on something. A lot of our clients live, work and play in places, jobs and activities that require community engagement.  Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria (ESG) investing.. More

“First off, if you have Student loans, paying it off will provide you a big advantage going forward! It is a smart call to look for ways to get your money working for you and not have it just sitting around in a low yield account.”

Where does all your Insurance Premiums go?

Want to avoid some mistakes in your 20s? Michael tells you the things he wish he knew when he was 20 – today on the Pembroke Blog!

A decamillionaire is simply someone with a net worth of over ten million of a given currency. It used to be that having a million dollars was enough, but now inflation has reared its head and a million doesn’t get you as much as it used to.