As we approach the end of the year and the end of a decade, many people are taking stock of their goals and financial accomplishments. Did they save as much as they wanted to? Are they where they said they would be a year ago? Are they farther ahead than they hoped to be ten.. More

The US Stock market has gone practically nowhere in the last year or so. The recent market volatility has sent a rude awakening to some investors; snapping them out of their Fall TV and sports watching.   There is renewed interest in all things stock market and money right now. We want to offer a.. More

WHAT DOES A NORMAL “RECESSION” LOOK LIKE?  It has been a while since everyday people have experienced a recession.  In fact, the last official recession ended in June 2009 after lasting a whopping 18 months!  WHAT IS A RECESSION?  Politicians often say, “A recession is when your neighbor loses their job; a depression is when.. More

It’s officially Summer and HOPEFULLY you are in full Summer mode. Maybe you’re kicking back a little at home and enjoying friends, family, or a good book in the evenings.Or maybe you are a running back and forth shuttling everyone to Summer camps, meetings, and doing all the things Summer person.   Many people approach Summer with.. More

Here’s the thing that most millennials don’t know, a potential home buyer does not need a large amount for a down payment.

Is it even possible to wine & dine on a dime? Want to wine and dine your valentine on a dime this year? You don’t need to break your budget or the bank to impress your significant other on one of the most overpriced holidays of the year. With roses, chocolates, meals and cards marked.. More

You smart watch, phone, and speakers can do much more than play music and tell you the best taco on Tuesday. It can help with your finances too! Now, that’s a SMART assistant!

Everyone has New Year’s resolutions on their mind. We’re going to help you stick to your financial goals with these tops financial apps.

We’ve had many clients asking about commercial real estate investing. Should they? How could they? And where would they even start?   Most recently, we had a client ask, “Can you send me some info about using IRA funds to invest in Commercial Real Estate?” Well, here’s our answer!  As always, we are NOT in the business.. More