Too much eggnog could give you a hangover just as spending too much during the holidays could find you with a financial hangover come December 26th. We’re going to help you avoid financial hangovers during the holidays, with a couple key antidotes. There are no catchy phrases to help you remember which order to do your.. More

ESG. What Is It and How Do I Start Investing in It? You may have heard about ESGs before. Maybe you’re wondering what is ESG investing and if you’re missing out on something. A lot of our clients live, work and play in places, jobs and activities that require community engagement.  Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria (ESG) investing.. More

“First off, if you have Student loans, paying it off will provide you a big advantage going forward! It is a smart call to look for ways to get your money working for you and not have it just sitting around in a low yield account.”

Want to avoid some mistakes in your 20s? Michael tells you the things he wish he knew when he was 20 – today on the Pembroke Blog!

A decamillionaire is simply someone with a net worth of over ten million of a given currency. It used to be that having a million dollars was enough, but now inflation has reared its head and a million doesn’t get you as much as it used to.

Buy a home or invest in your retirement. Inquiring minds want to know which Michael Menzies, Financial Advisor, recommends.

Do you want to retire young and happy? Do you want to retire early, have more time to travel with your friends or family? Would you like the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want? Are you tired of waking up early every morning to do the 9-5 thing at.. More

“It’s MY money and I need it NOW!” You may have heard this phrase in one of JG Wenworth’s well-known commercials. You know the one: people are yelling out of windows, “It’s MY money and I need it NOW!”. It’s supposed to help us feel empowered to take the money that is rightfully ours to use when we want to. Instead it leaves.. More

If you remember that your net worth is calculated by the total of your assets minus your total liabilities, than you can work on increasing your net worth.