As we approach the end of the year and the end of a decade, many people are taking stock of their goals and financial accomplishments. Did they save as much as they wanted to? Are they where they said they would be a year ago? Are they farther ahead than they hoped to be ten.. More

WHAT DOES A NORMAL “RECESSION” LOOK LIKE?  It has been a while since everyday people have experienced a recession.  In fact, the last official recession ended in June 2009 after lasting a whopping 18 months!  WHAT IS A RECESSION?  Politicians often say, “A recession is when your neighbor loses their job; a depression is when.. More

“First off, if you have Student loans, paying it off will provide you a big advantage going forward! It is a smart call to look for ways to get your money working for you and not have it just sitting around in a low yield account.”

Want to avoid some mistakes in your 20s? Michael tells you the things he wish he knew when he was 20 – today on the Pembroke Blog!

A decamillionaire is simply someone with a net worth of over ten million of a given currency. It used to be that having a million dollars was enough, but now inflation has reared its head and a million doesn’t get you as much as it used to.