Too much eggnog could give you a hangover just as spending too much during the holidays could find you with a financial hangover come December 26th. We’re going to help you avoid financial holiday hangovers, with a couple key antidotes! There are no catchy phrases to help you remember which order to do your spending to.. More

As we approach the end of the year and the end of a decade, many people are taking stock of their goals and financial accomplishments. Did they save as much as they wanted to? Are they where they said they would be a year ago? Are they farther ahead than they hoped to be ten.. More

What is CLTC & Can It Help Me Live A Long Life?

Written by Pembroke Insurance Advisors

Living a long life should be a big part of being an interesting person doing awesome things. No matter if your “long life” goal is to spend a lot of time with your grandkids; retire early and travel the world; or give away all of your riches to our favorite philanthropic organizations, longevity is part.. More

November Stock Market Action with #MyFinancialFriend

Written by Pembroke Insurance Advisors

Before getting to the travel-filled eating frenzy that we Americans call the Holiday Season, let’s talk about this past week’s stock market action.   If you paid little attention the last few days, you missed little.   Last week started in similar price ranges for US indexes as they ended.  If you hold a globally.. More

Where does all your Insurance Premiums go?

Buy a home or invest in your retirement. Inquiring minds want to know which Michael Menzies, Financial Advisor, recommends.

Good news if you are on Social Security, you may be getting a raise!  If you are one of the 62.5 million people who are currently receiving a social security benefit check each month, good news; the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is expected to increase in 2019!  The Social Security Administration takes into account the rising cost.. More


Written by Pembroke Insurance Advisors

Figuring out how much you should have saved in your 401K based on your age is not an easy task. There are several things to consider when you are trying to save for retirement. A great way to help you try and figure out how much money you will need when you hit that magical.. More

Specialty Insurances – Cyber, Errors & Omissions, and Kidnap & Ransom

Written by Pembroke Insurance Advisors

There are so many specialty insurances out there. It’s hard to know ahead of times which ones you might eventually need. Let’s take a look at three insurances – Cyber Insurance, Errors & Omissions Insurance, and Kidnap & Ransom Insurance. Cyber Insurance With technology comes the risks of using technology. That’s where cyber insurance comes.. More