Virtual Assistants Can Be Your Financial Assistant

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Virtual assistants.

We’ve probably all dreamed of one day having our very own “Alice”, the lovable, uber helpful personal assistant and housekeeper of the Brady Bunch. Unfortunately, most of us probably won’t have the privilege of having our own Alice. However, did you know it’s likely that you already have your own virtual assistants at your fingertips? This assistant is always with you, ready and willing to help?

As of September 2018, 32 percent of consumers owned smart speakers with virtual assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Siri enabled devices. According to an Adobe Analytics survey, nearly half of consumers said they’d own one by December 2018.  

Who are we talking to?

We find ourselves or hear others constantly yelling “Hey! What’s the weather? How’s traffic? What’s the meaning of life?” in our homes, cars, into our wrists, and into our airpods. Virtual assistants are digital assistants built into our internet connected devices. We typically call them by the names Hey Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana and several new names coming to the market.  

These virtual assistants aren’t just people who can answer emails and take phone calls from a remote location anymore. Virtual assistants today can sleep beside you and wake you up to your favorite tunes. They can also drive shotgun and give you turn by turn directions without being a backseat driver. But did you know that they can help you keep up with your financial news and goals?

What can they really do for us?

Did you know your Google Home virtual assistant can donate to your favorite charity? It can also find a loan with Leslie, its artificially intelligent loan expert. Say “Okay, Google, talk to Loan Finder,” to take advantage of her knowledge and get loan help! How cool is that? 

Siri can check the price of your favorite stocks, do simple math tricks, and even calculate your tip after a lovely dinner out. At the grocery store and trying to stick to your budget? Siri’s got your back. Three 20-ounce cans of juice for $6, or four 24-ounce cans for $9? Don’t sweat it –just ask Siri to perform some simple math and it’ll help you learn that the second deal is a little bit better. #Winning! Siri can also remind you when bills are due or if you’re still old school, when to send out checks to make payments on time

If you have Amazon’s Alexa you can have it check your accounts P&L through Interactive Broker’s IBOT. Now, THAT’S super convenient! Alexa can also check your budget information from your You Need A Budget account and keep you up to date with all the Bloomberg, CNBC, and Marketplace news your brain can handle. 

And so much more…

There’s a whole host of other things that these virtual assistants can do for you and your finances. And if you don’t own or use a virtual assistant now, just give it time. Soon enough, you’ll probably find yourself yelling into the air or your wrist.  

What’s your favorite thing to ask your virtual assistants to do?

Any great financial hacks that you like to use with yours? 
Let us know!

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