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Is it even possible to wine & dine on a dime?

Want to wine and dine your valentine on a dime this year? You don’t need to break your budget or the bank to impress your significant other on one of the most overpriced holidays of the year. With roses, chocolates, meals and cards marked up, it’s hard to stay in the black on February 14th. But you can!

“You don’t need to break your budget or the bank to impress your significant other…”


Let’s start with food. You want to take your significant other out for drinks or dinner but your You Need A Budget app tells you to settle down.


GROUPON.COM – Check on Groupon to see if your local restaurants are running any Valentine’s day deals.
Buyer BEWARE: make sure there are no blackout dates.
Pro Tip: Groupon also has deals on flowers.

STAY IN – Staying in doesn’t have to mean LAME. Order a take-home meal from a high-end grocery store. Skip the wait and pressure of being squished into a restaurant with the Joneses.
Bonus: Skip the 20% tip and spring for some wine or go out for dessert instead

MAKE RESERVATIONS AND STILL MAKE RENT – There are many restaurants that you can dine at for cheap. One you probably never thought of: White Castle. Yep! Complete with hostess seating, table side service and special menu. Don’t worry, White Castle isn’t the only place that does cheap meals on Valentine’s Day. Pennyhoarder gives us a list of 12 places you can make reservations and rent this month. WIN/WIN!

PRO TIP: has flower deals if your significant other loves roses and you don’t want to pay the bug bucks!


“Sometimes all we need is to spend more time caring and less money impressing.”

SKIP THE CARD – Opt to either make your own or buy one AFTER the holiday to give NEXT year. Valentine’s cards don’t go out of style so plan ahead and save some money! If you decide to be crafty, scour magazines for inspiring love stories and quotes. Add them to your handmade card and watch you loved one swoon over the thought put into it.

SPEND TIME NOT MONEY – Why don’t you give the gift of your presence instead of just another present? Free galleries, a walk, or take in a sunset. Up North in the cold? Snuggle up with a blanket, cocoa and a movie.
Down South in the warmth? Take in a nice walk by the ocean or a stroll downtown.
Sometimes all we need is to spend more time truly caring and less money trying to impress.


  • Fill balloons with notes for your significant other and spread them around the room. Have them pop them & read!
  • Download your own adventure-style coupon here!
  • Hide little hand-written notes all around the house, car, office etc.
  • A body or foot massage – you can’t ever go wrong here! Are we right?

Now you know. You can have your cake and eat it too.

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day make it about the other person and you’ll find that you can wine and dine on a dime this Valentines.

Do you have ideas for a budget-friendly valentine’s day? Let us know!
And be sure to share this list with your friends and family.

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